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How Homeowners and Mortgage Insurances Differ

By DiCharry Homes - 3-23-2023

Homeowners insurance and mortgage insurance are two types of insurance policies that provide protection to homeowners in different ways. Although they... [read more]

What to Know About Leaving Your Porch Light On At Night

By DiCharry Homes - 2-23-2023

For years and years keeping your porch light on at night was a thing most people in a neighborhood did. But is it always the best... [read more]

What to Consider Before Getting Your Home Deep Cleaned

By DiCharry Homes - 1-16-2023

Did you just buy a new home? Congratulations! After a whirlwind of appointments and document signings, you are no doubt tired and eager to move into... [read more]

What You Need to Know to Get Equity Out of Your Home

By DiCharry Homes - 12-15-2022

When you own a home, it is not a static thing. As you pay off your mortgage and as your property appreciates in value, all those... [read more]

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Why Buy Now?

By Jake Vincent, Marketing Coordinator - 11-18-2022

The answer is simple, NOW is the time to buy! Don't believe us? Dicharry Home's has End-Of-Year Incentives that are personalized for... [read more]

Household Uses for Steel Wool

By DiCharry Homes - 11-15-2022

Steel wool has been around for ages. Is it something you keep under your kitchen sink? If it’s not, it should be. Steel wool has a... [read more]

Yard Tasks to Get Done Before the First Frost

By DiCharry Homes - 10-18-2022

As crisp, cool mornings become more of a regular occurrence, you know that the first frost is not too far behind. Here are some Fall yard... [read more]

The Top Reasons to Get Planting This Fall

By DiCharry Homes - 9-19-2022

Spring is a great time for planting veggie gardens and annual flowers, but fall is the perfect time to plant perennials, trees, and shrubs. Here’s why.

... [read more]

Water Bath Canning 101

By DiCharry Homes - 8-18-2022

We know that having outdoor space to work with is just as important as having a versatile interior space. That’s why our DiCharry homes are always... [read more]

The Best Place to Put a Litter Box

By DiCharry Homes - 7-27-2022

All kinds of families have enjoyed living in our DiCharry Homes, including families with feline members. One of the least appealing things about cat... [read more]

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