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The Buzz About Live Oak

By Ryan Dicharry Construction - 12-14-2020

Have you been down Highway 308 in Thibodaux lately? Well, you may have noticed a new, sleek, modern and lively community that seems like it is growing by the second. Welcome to The Settlement at Live Oak!

This stretch of green grass and trees has a lot of history, culture and beauty. The land is said to have been passed down generation to generation until it met one of its last relatives, a boy named Preston. Preston was in love with a girl named Ava but due to Ava’s father forbidding there ever be a wedding, the two went their separate ways never to find love nor have children. As a last attempt to show his undying love, Preston gave Ava the land of the settlement. Never wanting to depart with the beloved gift, it then was bestode to her beloved nephew who became friends with the founders we know today. So, the journey begins to make this not only a subdivision, but a heartfelt community that values family, friends, safety and lively entertainment.

Live Oak is one of Thibodaux’s newest hotspots to start your new home journey. When Ryan Dicharry Custom Homes learned about this new community, its future and most importantly its values, we knew we had to establish some roots here as well! What’s the best part about this community is that the growth is not over yet. Local shops and restaurants will soon be a stroll away with the addition of the existing pool to beat that Louisiana heat. With two homes established front and center and future homes on the way, everyone at Ryan Dicharry can not wait to see what the future holds for Live Oak.

Interested in joining the Ryan Dicharry team and the Live Oak community? Check out our move in ready home on our website or give us a call to chat about new construction options.

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