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Signs That a Tree Needs to Be Removed

By Dicharry Homes - 6-24-2022

At DiCharry, we build our homes on lots that have plenty of views and plenty of trees. As trees grow old or sustain damage from storms, they can begin to decay. A rotten, decaying, or dead tree that is on your property can be dangerous. It can fall suddenly on your home or onto a neighbor’s property. Paying to fix any damage caused by such an event can be tough on a wallet. The good news is that there are common signs you can look for to identify a sick or dying tree. Knowing these signs can help you decide whether or not to remove a tree before it falls of its own accord. Here are some signs to look out for.

It Does Not Produce Leaves

A healthy tree will produce a full display of leaves in the right seasons. If your tree used to do that but is now barren, this is a sign that it needs to be removed.

It Drops Branches Randomly

After a storm, it is normal for a tree to lose a branch or two, but if your tree is dropping branches seemingly randomly, this is a sign of a bigger issue. This could be the case because of a pest infestation, lighting damage, or age. Regardless of the reason, this is a sign that the tree is at the end of its life.

Its Too Close to a Building

Sometimes the problem with a tree is not that it is dying but that it is too close to a building. For novices, it can be hard to know how far from your house to plant a sapling. You may only realize this mistake after the tree has matured. A tree that is too close to your home runs the risk of damaging your roof, windows, or foundation. A robust root system can even get into your sewer pipes and break them as well. Sometimes a good pruning can return your tree to a better distance from your house, but if that does not resolve the issue, you should probably just remove it.

Its Leaning Heavily

Some leaning for a tree can be ok. Sometimes it is just the result of them reaching for more sunlight, and other times it can be influenced by wind during its sapling stage. The problem is when a tree begins to lean heavily. This is a problem because heavy leaning disrupts the roots and throws off the balance of a tree. When the roots are not well established and there is too much weight on one side, it is likely to come crashing down.

Overall, trees can add so much to your landscaping. Shade, beauty, and sometimes fruit. If you know what to look for in a dying or dangerously placed tree, you can remove it before it causes trouble.

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