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Read This Before You Kill the Clover in Your Yard

By DiCharry Homes - 4-29-2022

If you are in Louisiana like our team at DiCharry Homes is, you will be familiar with the sight of clover. Clover is widely considered today as a nuisance and a weed. To many, clover mars the look of an otherwise well-manicured lawn. For whatever reason, clover developed a bad reputation. Which is a shame, because clover can be incredibly beneficial to your yard. Here are a few reasons why you should consider encouraging clover to grow instead of destroying it.

Clover Smothers Weeds

Even though to some clover is a weed, it is actually a beneficial plant that does a lot of work for your lawn. One thing it can do is bully other weeds and prevent them from taking hold in your soil. Clover has long been used as a ground cover because it spreads tightly and quickly. Because their root system is so robust, it naturally leaves no room for less desirable weeds to grow. Not to worry though, clover and grasses grow beautifully together so they are not competing for the same space.

Clover Attracts Pollinators

Another advantage to keeping clover around is their blooms. Clover blooms attract pollinators and beneficial insects alike to your yard. Pollinators are essential to maintaining our ecosystem and they are fantastic for your garden. In addition to bees and butterflies, clover blooms attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and lacewings, whose diets consist of aphids, whiteflies, and scale. Without pests to munch on your shrubs and flowers and with the help of pollinators, your lawn and garden will flourish.

Clover is Great for Your Soil

Another reason to keep clover around is because it's great for your soil. For starters, it helps keep soil from becoming compacted. Meaning you don't have to aerate as often to maintain lawn health. Clover is also a great soil amendment since it can add nutrients like nitrogen to your soil. Additionally, clover can just help your lawn look nicer. It can fill in bald patches where grasses have died and help create a lush, green look without you having to do anything.

So, the next time a clover pops up in your yard, think twice before removing it. Your lawn and garden will thank you.

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