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Plumbing Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

By DiCharry Homes - 5-27-2022

If you just bought a new home, our team at DiCharry would like to congratulate you! Your new home has all sorts of important things housed behind its walls. One of those things is your plumbing. We want to make sure that you are prepared for any plumbing issues or emergencies, which is why we have compiled a list of tools and items we believe you should have on hand for those occasions.


Odds are that you are going to need a plunger at some point, and there is no worse feeling than needing a plunger and not having one. Which is exactly why this is one of the first tools you should stock your house with.


When diagnosing and dealing with plumbing problems a pair of pliers are guaranteed to make your life easier. These multipurpose tools can help when adjusting pipes and screws and many other things. Pick up a pair that has a self-locking mechanism to prevent slipping when in use.

Plumber’s Tape

When pipe joints present pesky drips, plumber’s tape will be your best friend. Simply wrap the tape tightly around the threaded joint in question and that should be enough to stop the dripping. Best of all, plumber’s tape can be easily removed years down the line when needed.

Plumber’s Putty

Sometimes pipes can develop small cracks or holes. When this happens, plumber’s putty is a great short-term solution. Plumber’s putty can be easily molded around any problem area and creates a waterproof seal. This will buy you a bit of time before having to have the pipe replaced completely.


And last on our list of plumbing essentials is a trusty five-gallon bucket. A five-gallon bucket can save your walls and floors from damage should a leak occur, it can catch excess water from any pipes you are working on, and at the very least, it can hold some tools for you in the garage.

In conclusion, not every plumbing issue you face will require the help of a professional. For those occasions, having tools like ones mentioned here can help.

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