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Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa with These Tips

By Ryan Dicharry Construction - 1-26-2022

Sure, bathrooms are functional spaces. But they can also be special places. It's where you go to get ready for the day and also the place you go to decompress from it. If you are looking for ways to incorporate spa-like qualities into your bathroom, you have come to the right place.

Calming Colors

The first step to setting a spa scene is utilizing the power of color. Colors seriously affect our moods and emotions and choosing the right ones can really lend to a calming atmosphere. Light, breezy blues and soft linen creams are two hues that are guaranteed to set the mood for relaxation when you step into your bathroom.

Luxurious Shower and Faucet Features

Choosing luxurious shower heads and faucet features can truly elevate your bath time ritual. Features with beautiful finishes and gentle water settings will make for a luxurious experience whether you have time for a full bath session or only enough time for a quick shower. Waterfall shower heads are excellent, simple swaps that make a big difference.

Incorporate Aromatherapy

Taking into consideration what you see and how water feels on your skin will surely increase the spa vibes, but do not neglect the calming influence aromatherapy can have as well. Scents like lavender and jasmine are known to be soothing. Set up some scented candles around your tub and have some scrubs and bath salts on hand in these calming scents and you are well on your way to a soothing session.

Nix Clutter

Busy countertops can seriously get in the way of a peaceful atmosphere. Find homes for styling tools and toiletries by enlisting the help of organizing containers or opting for new vanities that will increase your storage space. Having a clutter free space will put your mind at ease and put you in a position to welcome serenity into your day.

In conclusion, just because you may use a space every day, does not mean that using that space cannot be a special experience. Keep these factors in mind when designing your bathroom and it will embody the qualities of a spa in no time.

If you want a home designed with spa-like features from the beginning, get in touch with us here at Ryan DiCharry Homes. Our custom home design center allows you to choose home features that will make you excited to walk in your front door.

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