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Four Types of Home Renovations That Give You a High Return on Investment

By Ryan Dicharry Construction - 8-25-2021

Ryan DiCharry Homes provides the best in custom construction. Yet, we understand that your wants and needs may change over time. We understand that as people change and grow, their homes must do the same. Interior design preferences change with age and new trends. Additionally, homeowners start to think about renovations that can help them achieve functional goals, such as adding more light, increasing heat and cooling efficiency or creating more space.

Depending on the type and size of the renovation, you might find yourself making a large investment in terms of time, money and daily disruptions, which is why we believe in helping our clients better understand if their renovation idea can truly meet their needs. After all, you don't want to start a renovation project only to discover that you're over budget and still months away from completion. It's also important to make certain that your investment keeps benefiting you and your family for years.

If you're thinking about renovating your home, we recommend the following projects. They're not only some of the easiest and fastest options, but they improve the value of any home and give you a high return on your investment over time:

Window Replacements

Newly constructed homes have amazingly efficient windows, but you might want more efficiency as newer options become available or designs that make certain tasks like cleaning easier. If your home has small windows, you might want to replace them with larger ones. In homes with large windows, you might want new shading options, such as automatic blinds, shutters and awnings. Lastly, you might want window frames and sash color and material options that better match your tastes. No matter your need, you can expect a nearly 80 percent return on investment with these types of renovation projects.

Kitchen Improvements

Total kitchen remodels, which usually involve complete removal of all kitchen appliances, cabinets and other built-ins, reconstruction of walls, installation of new insulation or wiring and new windows or doors, are often incredibly expensive. They can range between tens of thousands of dollars to more than $100,000, which makes them bad investments because most new homes already have great kitchen spaces that merely need unique improvements to their appearance, efficiency and functionality. You can have a beautiful, welcoming kitchen and see a return on investment of nearly 80 percent if you stick with small improvements, such as replacing the appliances, cabinet hardware and light fixtures. Other small improvements include refacing or replacing the flooring or the cabinets and counters, adding a storage island or breakfast nook and installing rollout shelves or hidden storage between cabinets.

Outdoor Add Ons

Although many outdoor additions, such as gazebos, patios and decks, cost between a few hundred and several thousand dollars, they can provide you with nearly a 90 percent return on ​ your investment. They not only allow you to relax in nature and spend time with loved ones and others in open spaces, but they also add to the exterior appearance of your home so that it looks great. Best yet, these types of add-on renovations rarely take long to complete. Depending on the size and complexity of the addition, a construction crew can often install it within a day.

Door Updates

Lastly, no matter the reasons, door updates provide you with a great return on any investment. For example, a storm door with interchangeable glass and screen panels installed in front of an exterior door allow more light indoors, protect your front door's paint from weather damage, add an extra layer of insulation, provide another lock and keep out insects while allowing in cool air. A new garage door, which can bring you at least an 80 percent return on your investment, creates curbside appeal, brings natural light into a typically dark space and increases security. Little hardware and paint changes alone make a home look newer and more inviting from the outside.

These are only a few of many potential renovations that you can perform on your home to customize it to match your new dreams and goals and invest in your future. Our team of experts can help you define and explore these projects. To learn more information about custom home construction, contact us today.

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