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Dispelling Common Myths About Pests

By DiCharry Homes - 12-28-2023

At Dicharry Homes, we understand that your home is your sanctuary. It's the place where you find warmth when it's chilly outside and where your favorite ingredients await when you crave a comforting meal. However, what brings you joy at home is often what attracts pests as well. Dispelling common misconceptions about home pest control is essential, and we're here to separate myths from facts so you can effectively prevent and eliminate pests if the need arises.

If You Have Pests, It Means Your Home Is Dirty

One prevailing misconception is that pests only infest dirty homes. The reality is that pests can infiltrate even the tidiest homes. Various factors can attract pests, so if you find yourself dealing with an infestation, it doesn't imply a lack of cleanliness. Pests are adept and resourceful, and it's not a reflection of your housekeeping efforts if they decide to make your home theirs.

Rodent Poison Is Better Than a Trap

While rodent poison may seem like a convenient "set it and forget it" solution, the aftermath can be less than pleasant. Rodents may take days to succumb to the poison, and their decomposing bodies can leave foul odors in your home. If you prefer a simpler and more humane approach, traps may be a preferable option. They allow for a quicker resolution without the unpleasant consequences of hidden decomposing rodents.

Mice Cannot Resist Cheese

The image of mice eagerly devouring cheese is ingrained in our collective memories, thanks to childhood cartoons. However, when it comes to setting traps, the assumption that cheese is the ultimate bait is a misconception. Studies indicate that mice are more enticed by sweet and high-carb foods. To increase the effectiveness of your trap, opt for high-calorie peanut butter as a more tempting alternative.

Out Of Sight, Out of Mind

Discovering evidence of pests without actually seeing them may lead to the assumption that they've moved on. In reality, pests are adept at hiding. If you've identified signs of their presence, it's crucial to take prompt action. Don't face the situation alone—seek professional assistance by contacting an exterminator to assess the situation and provide effective solutions.

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