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Design Experience: What to Expect

By Ryan Dicharry Construction - 11-5-2020

Find all the inspiration for your new home here! Once you’ve chosen the home of your dreams, you’ll get to customize it from the ground up in the Ryan Dicharry Custom Homes Design Center.

Choosing selections is one of the most exciting steps in creating your new home. This is a process that requires your time, creativity, and commitment. We, at Ryan Dicharry Custom Homes want to help prepare you for your design experience with expectations, tips and guidelines that will make your selection process efficient and as enjoyable as possible.

Your design meetings are meant to be an opportunity for your New Home Specialist to guide you through the selection process, ensuring your new home reflects your personal style & functionality. In order for these meetings to be as productive it is important to prepare and go into them with the right expectations.

Here is what you can expect. One Design Preview lasting 30 minutes, Initial Design Meeting +/- 3 hours, Follow Up Design Meeting +/- 2 hrs and finally your pre-construction meeting. All selections need to be done 3 weeks after writing your contract and finalized at the Pre-Construction Meeting.

Design Preview: At this meeting your New Home Specialist, will guide you through your upcoming selections and designer options to choose from. Take this time to ask questions, write notes, snap photos and begin to think what styles, colors and overall feel you’d like for your home. If you have any special requests for your home, this is the best time to present to your New Home Specialist.

Preparation: Preparation is key for our design meetings. Take a look at our website’s photo gallery, as well as our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Once you’ve done your prep work, you’re ready for your initial design meeting! Have an overall concept of you wants, needs and anything you can’t live without.

Initial Design Meeting: At our first meeting we will begin by discussing the exterior finishes of your home, what brick style/color? Window color and garage door style, etc.

Next we will discuss your luxury kitchen and outdoor appliances. Whirlpool or Kitchenaid, is there a brand you prefer? After, we will move to discuss flooring, countertops, backsplash and bathrooms tiles. It is good to have an idea of the atmosphere you are trying to create. Do you prefer warm and cozy or light and bright?

From there we will nail down specifics, such as what trim, door and cabinet style do you prefer? Your New Home Specialist will share additional items and options, some that might have already crossed your mind but maybe some new ideas as well! Last but not least we will focus on faucets, fixtures and all the accessories for your “at home spa.” Think about fixture colors, sink styles and any must haves for your tubs/showers.

Follow Up Design Meeting: Your second design meeting will be short and concise, as the more challenging items have been completed. At this meeting we will discuss lighting, paint and any outstanding items from prior meeting. Lighting packages have been professionally designed to give you easy, cohesive design options. We have packages with styles ranging from the basics to the bold, as well as a la carte options.

Use this follow up meeting to ensure you are confident with your selections before signing off in our final preconstruction meeting. All selections will be finalized in this meeting except cabinets and electrical wiring. We want to have the experts meet individually with our homeowners on site, to discuss.

Pre-Construction Meeting: After your second design meeting, you will meet with our New Home Specialist, Construction Manager & Builder in the Pre Construction Meeting to review selections and our construction process. At this meeting all selections need to be finalized prior to you signing off on all plans and selections. After the pre construction meeting, you should avoid making changes to avoid the change order fee.

Please, remember to bring your checkbook, a deposit will be required when you finalize your selections!

We hope this information helps you understand more about our Design Process. Ryan Dicharry Custom Homes is excited to help you build the home you have always dreamed of.


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