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Battle of the Rocks

By Ryan Dicharry Construction - 10-25-2020

A question we hear often, what is the difference between granite, marble, and quartz? We get it! The stress of picking out a countertop is hard enough. Let alone worrying if the material is a right fit for you. We have countless options for you to choose from, which include beautiful marble, dynamic granite, and simple white quartz. All of these options are available for you at Ryan Dicharry Custom Homes, and the choice is yours!

So, which is best? We want you to feel confident in making the right choice for your new home. All three stones have many positive attributes, and we are here to explain the difference between them. Let’s get started!

Why we love it:

1.Granite is 100% natural stone thus giving limitless selections and options. No two pieces of granite will be the same.

2.Go Green! Granite is the most environmentally friendly option of the choices.

3.It is sanitary! Bacterial contamination is a thing of the past.

Things to consider:

1.It can be permanently stained if not taken care of.

2.Can be cracked when hit hard

3.Every piece is unique! Therefore, uniformity through the space may be impossible.

Why we love it:

1.Looking for durability? Quartz is for you! It is rated 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of minerals hardness.

2.You may get warranty from the manufacture! Some give guarantees protecting you from defects

3.Sleek design! Your design possibilities are endless, so dream big.

Things to consider:

1.Quartz may be heat resistant, but the polymer fillers are not

2.Sorry, no outdoor use allowed! Outdoor kitchens will have to suffer and be a different stone

3.This is no DIY afternoon project because this beauty weights a ton!

Why we love it:

1.More flexible than granite. No curve in your kitchen will be an issue.

2.Can resist heat to a high degree

3.Beautiful veining with wide ranges of colors.

Things to consider:

1.Marble can scratch quite easily

2.Acids can eat away at the stone

3.Stains quickly! Whip up the mess ASAP

We hope these comparisons give you a better idea of the differences of each stone. While they all have their highs and lows, all are great options for your counter tops! Want to view all your options and selections in person? Stop by our Design Center to see what the best fit for you and your new home would be.

Design Center: 527 Jackson Street Thibodaux, LA 70301


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