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Avoid Buying These Household Items in Bulk

By Ryan Dicharry Construction - 12-22-2021

At Ryan DiCharry Homes we offer a custom experience so that your home is created with things that are important to you, like plenty of storage. Many households buy items that they regularly use in bulk. Oftentimes, buying in bulk can save you money in the long run. But it is not useful to buy everything in bulk. Here are a few of those items and why.


If you cook a lot at home, you know how important cooking oils are to creating dishes. Because cooking oils are staples that you always want to have on hand, you might reason that buying them in bulk is the best way to guarantee that. This is actually not the case though because the reality is that oils have a surprisingly short shelf life. Most oils only have a shelf life of 3-6 months. After that, they go rancid. Unless you fry things quite often, it might be better for you to stock smaller bottles of oils.


Having coffee is essential to many people and their morning routines. If coffee is something that is important to you, don’t settle for a bad cup of joe. And that is exactly what you will get if you stock up on more coffee than you can drink in a few weeks. This is because coffee only carries peak flavor for about two weeks after the beans are roasted. If you do not want your coffee to be watered down and flavorless, it is best to buy more regularly in smaller batches.

Brown Rice

Where white rice is a great item to buy in bulk, brown rice is not. Brown rice has a much higher oil content than white rice, which means that it will spoil quickly. Only buy brown rice that you can reasonably eat in 6 months or less. And if you want a grain option that you can keep on the shelf almost infinitely, go with white rice.


Spices, like coffee, may not go bad, but they do lose their flavor. If you grind your own whole spices, this will prolong their shelf life for a bit, but generally, spices begin to lose flavor after six months. That is why spices are another thing that are better to purchase in smaller amounts.

Use this guide to shop smarter. That way you can be prepared but not wasteful. For more news, updates, and helpful guides, be sure to browse our other blogs!

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