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Yard Tasks to Get Done Before the First Frost

By DiCharry Homes - 10-18-2022

As crisp, cool mornings become more of a regular occurrence, you know that the first frost is not too far behind. Here are some Fall yard tasks that you should aim to complete before that frost hits.

Take In Container Plants

For the most part, plants and flowers that are common container plants are not well equipped to survive when exposed to freezing temperatures. Before you bring your container plants inside, first check them for pests and treat them with a pest repellent solution. If the plant still has foliage and flowers, place the container near a window where it will get sufficient light. If it is a bulb or tuberous plant, these can go dormant until the growing season rolls back around. Place these containers in your garage or basement until then.

Plant New Shrubbery and Arbory

The beginning of Fall is the ideal time to plant any new shrubs or trees. The heat of the Summer has passed but the soil is still nice and warm. Planting young trees and shrubs in these conditions will give the plants roots plenty of time to grow in and establish themselves before the first frost.

Cover Frost Sensitive Plants

Some plants that are planted in your yard can survive frosts but can sustain damage to their foliage if special precautions are not taken. Azaleas and rhododendrons are two examples of such plants. So when you see frost on the weather forecast, it’s time to take action. Add mulch to help insulate sensitive roots and drape burlap over sensitive foliage.

Prepare Hoses and Sprinklers

If water is present in your sprinkler lines and your garden hoses when a frost arrives, it can cause major damage. Which is why it is important to turn off sprinkler systems, drain and store garden hoses, and cover outdoor water spigots with foam insulation before it freezes.

Plant Spring Bulbs

If you have any plans for Spring flowers, early Autumn is the time to plant these bulbs. Like new trees and shrubs, planting Spring bulbs in the early Fall will give them plenty of time to develop roots while the soil is still warm. And then after a long Winter, your tulips, crocus, and alliums will be the first ones to help welcome you into Spring.

And there you have it! A few of the most important yard tasks to get done before the first frost hits.

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