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What to Know About Leaving Your Porch Light On At Night

By DiCharry Homes - 2-23-2023

For years and years keeping your porch light on at night was a thing most people in a neighborhood did. But is it always the best idea to leave your porch light on? Let’s find out.

A Porch Light Can Keep Intruders Away

One of the main reasons that people leave their porch light on is to increase the security of their homes while they sleep. It lets people know that someone is home, including criminals and thieves who may be looking for vulnerable properties. It is harder to sneak around the property of a well lit home, so having some sort of night lights can successfully ward off seedy people.

On the other hand, leaving a porch light on while you are away for work or vacation may signal to burglars that no one is home. For occasions when you want to make it look like someone is home even when you are away, consider putting your porch light on a timer with a smart system of sorts. This way you can turn your light off and on with the daylight in order to mimic your regular daily activities.

A Porch Light Can Help Residents or Guests Arrive Safely

If you are expecting guests or a family member to arrive at your home late at night, this is another good reason to leave a light on. For guests, it makes it easier to find and approach your home. For family members, it helps keep them safe when they can take in their surroundings as they approach the home. It also makes unlocking the door easier when they can see it clearly.

One note in this regard though is that you may want to leave lights on for all home entrances on these occasions. If you only leave one entrance light on, this may signal to a criminal the exact entrance that a person will use to enter the home. They may then use this opportunity to exploit a person when they are vulnerable. Keep guests and residents safe by keeping all entrances well lit until everyone is safe inside the house.

You Can Use Porch Lights to Communicate with Neighbors

Porch lights not only keep communities safe since statistics show that a well lit street is less likely to be burglarized than a darker one, but they can also help communities look out for one another. When you talk to your neighbors and get to know when they turn their porch light on and off, it can help you keep an eye on them. Maybe they did not turn off their porch light like they normally do and you are moved to check on them, this could prove invaluable if they really are in need. Or maybe you noticed your neighbor flickering their porch light. This unusual behavior definitely signals that they need help. And when you are there for your neighbors, they will be there for you.

Ultimately, as long as your porch light is not disturbing neighbors by shining directly into their houses, porch lights can contribute to safety and community.

DiCharry Homes chooses to build our homes in safe, community driven areas. If you are in the market for a home that fits in with those things, take a look at our available homes today.

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