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What to Consider Before Getting Your Home Deep Cleaned

By DiCharry Homes - 1-16-2023

Did you just buy a new home? Congratulations! After a whirlwind of appointments and document signings, you are no doubt tired and eager to move into your new space already. But before you move in, you may want to consider having your new home professionally deep cleaned. Having this service performed can save you hours of back breaking work and can create the perfect blank setting for your family to settle into. This can be an especially valuable option if the home you bought was previously owned. If a deep home cleaning is sounding pretty good to you, here are some things that can help you gauge how much this service will run you.

The Type of Home

The type of home will play a factor into deep cleaning prices. Compact home designs like condos and cottages are usually reasonably priced. Town homes can be deceptive if there are a good number of stairs. Because stairs add more time and labor, this can cause your price to increase. And then, of course, single family homes will be on the higher end of the spectrum. But many other factors will influence the price of a deep cleaning, which we will discuss.

The Size of Home

The next factor, understandably, is the size of the home. Most cleaning companies will charge by the hour for homes larger than 1,000 square feet. Prices can range from $25-$50 per hour on average. The amount of rooms is also taken into consideration, as well as the type of rooms.

The Condition of the Home

Another factor in play is the condition of the home. If the home is currently lived in or is full of furniture or belongings, it is common for a cleaning company to come out and assess the state of the home before offering a service quote. Of course, professionals know how to work around these elements, but it does take more time. Also, if there is a lot of clutter or knick knacks, extra care needs to be taken to clean these items, which translates to more money. An empty house, however, is far easier to clean. It generally takes less time and there is less elbow grease involved. Just another reason to consider having this service done before you officially move into your new home.

All in all, future you will thank yourself for having your home deep cleaned prior to moving in, especially if the home was previously owned.

If you are interested in a home where there were no previous owners, look no further than DiCharry Homes. We can build you a home that was created with your family in mind, and no one else.

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