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The Top Reasons to Get Planting This Fall

By DiCharry Homes - 9-19-2022

Spring is a great time for planting veggie gardens and annual flowers, but fall is the perfect time to plant perennials, trees, and shrubs. Here’s why.

Temperate Weather

After a scorching hot summer, fall brings along with it reasonable day temperatures and cooler night temperatures. As the days get shorter and the nights get crisper, it signals to plants to scale back and on leaf growth and focus on root growth. If you want strong plants with deep root systems, planting in fall will give them a great head start.

Warm Soil

Although the temperatures will begin to cool off here in Louisiana soon, the soil will remain warm for some time. This is crucial to root development as well. Even long after the trees have changed color and their leaves have fallen, the warm soil under the ground will continue to encourage your plants to grow strong.

Less Pests

Pests are an ever-constant battle for gardeners in the spring and summer time, but by the time that colder temperatures roll in, they are long gone. This is because aphids, caterpillars, and beetles alike finish their life cycles above ground during the warmer months and begin to take shelter until the warmer seasons arrive again. Without pests to stunt and weaken your plants, they can focus on becoming big and strong.

All in all, fall is a great time to plant your trees and perennials. Not to mention that it is just an enjoyable time to be outside for you yourself. If you want to take advantage of the weather this fall, try out planting.

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