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Keep Floors Clean Against Dirty Paws

By DiCharry Homes - 5-23-2023

We love spring in Louisiana. It's when everything starts to come to life. And part of what helps the landscape come to life is rain, and lots of it. If dogs are a part of your family, they may not have the decency to wipe their paws off before stepping foot onto your clean floors. When you are up against rain, mud, and dirty paw prints, here are some ways to keep your floors clean this rainy season.

Get Your Pet a Pair of Boots

When it's raining outside, you wear rain boots to keep your feet dry and your dog can too! Dog booties can be a lifesaver when dealing with inclement weather, especially if you have a long haired breed. If your pup has never worn shoes or garments before, they may be uncomfortable at first, but they should get used to them with a bit of time.

Stay On Top of Nail and Paw Hair Trimming

The hair between your dog’s paw pads as well as their toenails can get really caked up with mud. Which is why it is important to stay on top of trimming when it comes to both of these areas to reduce the amount of debris that gets tracked back into your home. Keeping paw pad hair and toenails trimmed will also make it easier to remove the bulk of mud from their feet before they come inside.

Set Up a Cleaning Station

Sometimes despite your best preventative measures, pups may still get a bit dirty while they are outside. Because of this, it is a good idea to set up a simple cleaning station right by the door they enter. You can keep things like baby wipes, a small dish of water to wash their feet in, and some dry towels near the door. This way, you can make sure their paws are truly clean before they go on their merry way.

Let Mud Dry Before Cleaning It

Again, sometimes even despite our best efforts, mud may get on your floors from time to time. If you have carpet to worry about, seeing muddy paw prints on your nice, soft carpet can be especially scary. Your initial reaction may be to tackle the mud while it is still wet. Afterall, cleaning up messes immediately is usually the best course of action when it comes to carpet. But mud is a special case. If you wait for mud to fully dry before vacuuming, it will prevent the mud from smearing and spreading. Once it is dry, it should crumble and vacuum up easily. After the majority of the mud is removed, you can tackle the spot with a stain remover.

If you put these tips into practice, you, your floors, and your pets will survive this rainy season! If you are currently in search of the perfect place to call home, look no further than DiCharry. We take a personalized approach so that everything that matters to you, gets built into your home.

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