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Household Uses for Steel Wool

By DiCharry Homes - 11-15-2022

Steel wool has been around for ages. Is it something you keep under your kitchen sink? If it’s not, it should be. Steel wool has a multitude of household uses! Here are a few of them.

Banish Rust

Rust can be an eyesore and it can lead to early deterioration if allowed to dwell on things like tools for too long. If you have rust stains, rusted patio furniture, or rusty tools, take a bit of steel wool to it to make it as good as new.


While you are removing rust from tools, you can also use steel wool to polish them up too. Soak a bit of extra fine steel wool in oil. Just about any household oil will do. Then, just scrub the entirety of the tool, removing all caked-on dirt and grease and applying a generous coating of oil at the same time. Finish up by using a clean, dry cloth to wipe away the excess oil. This will leave tools clean and polished and keep rust at bay as well.

Keep Rodents Away

Now that the weather is cooling off, rodents are going to be scrounging to find their way into your cozy home. But thanks to steel wool you can keep rodents away. If a rodent's head can fit through a space, it can get the rest of its body through. Survey your home for vulnerable spots where it looks like pests might be able to slip through. Once you have identified problem areas, stuff the crevices with some steel wool. Afterwards, cover the space with a bit of tape to keep the steel wool in place.

Keep Screws In Place

Do you have a screw or two that just isn’t as snug in the wall as they used to be? Spinning a bit of steel wool around the threads of the screw can fill in the gaps. Just remove the screw from the wall, wind a thin piece of steel wool around the screw, and place the screw back in its place. This should remove any wiggle room.

There you go! Just a few ways you can put steel wool to use in your home.

At Dicharry Homes, we want to help those that live in our homes even after we hand them the keys. We update our blog regularly with helpful tips and tricks that all homeowners can benefit from. So, check back often!

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