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Decorated Christmas tree on  blurred, sparkling and fairy background

Things to Clear Out Between Christmas and New Years Eve

By Ryan Dicharry Construction - 12-15-2019

Decorated Christmas tree on blurred, sparkling and fairy background

Some people take an extended break between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, especially if they’ve moved into one of the new homes in Thibodaux LA. This quieter time of the year is a great opportunity to finish unpacking if necessary or recovering from all of the Christmas celebrations. Before the start of the new year, take this time, even if you are still working, to go through your home and clear out the things that you really don’t need. Starting the new year fresh isn’t just symbolic; it helps people feel more organized and in control. That’s certainly a great way to start the year!

One of the joys of having a new home from Ryan Dicharry Construction is the amount of storage space throughout the home. For example, the Old Maple home design features a spacious kitchen with plenty of cabinets and a kitchen island, a master suite with gigantic walk-in closet, making it easy to find a place for everything. There’s even a storage closet off the mudroom. Still, there are plenty of things that come in during the holidays that don’t need to be kept, whether it’s leftovers, packaging, or clothes that are no longer needed. Take this time to get rid of this clutter.

While your spacious kitchen may be fairly organized, your refrigerator may be overflowing with leftovers from parties and holiday meals. Now is the time to go through and toss anything that isn’t going to be eaten and freeze anything that can be saved for future use. Go through your cabinets, too, and check for expired food items or other canned and jarred goods that you probably won’t eat but can still be donated to a food pantry. This will also leave you more room for preparing any New Year’s Eve treats if you’re hosting your own party.

In your big walk-in closet, go through all of your clothing and shoes and pull out anything you haven’t worn for the past year. Most likely, you’re not going to wear it again. If it’s in good condition, donate it, especially if you have old coats you don’t wear any more, and if it’s too worn out, try recycling into cleaning cloths or just tossing it. Plus, you’ll have more room for new stuff!

Whether you take down your decorations after Christmas or after January 6, consider at least weeding out old ornaments that have seen better years and don’t hold sentimental value. You may also want to go ahead and recycle the Christmas cards unless there are some you really want to keep. If you do, put them somewhere meaningful.

You probably also ended up with a number of boxes, both gift and packaging, and now is the time to sort through them all and see if anything needs to be kept or if it can simply be recycled. Just make sure you save any extra parts and paperwork. Ideally, keep all electronics booklets and paperwork in one folder for easy access on the off chance you need it.

Finally, if you have kids, now is a good time to go through their old toys and get rid of the ones they never play with any more. They’ll be distracted enough with new toys that they’re less likely to complain. Donate anything that’s still in good shape and recycle or toss anything beyond saving.

If you find yourself with odds and ends that you don’t know what to do with, check out various storage options, such as wrapping paper stations that keep paper, ribbon, tape, tags, and gift bags all in one place and then put them in the storage closet for easy access come birthdays and anniversaries. That goes for any new gifts you received. Make sure everything finds a home and you’ll help eliminate clutter and be ready to start the new year fresh and organized.

With home designs like the Old Maple from Ryan Dicharry Construction, you’re already ahead of the game thanks to the spacious closets, kitchens and storage options. If you’re currently looking at new homes in Thibodaux LA, contact Ryan Dicharry Construction today to learn more about this and their other home designs that are perfect for giving you the space you need to live comfortably.

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